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Fisher Price Talking Doll (PRE-ORDER)

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This doll is amazing. She can sense when you are holding her hands, tickling her or playing with her. She will play with you! And, she can sit, get up and walk to you!

She comes with lots of fun accessories so you can really play with your new little girl. Includes: Bottle, Blanket, Pacifier and a dog toy with leash.

Product Description:

· Baby girl needs your loving care

· Play and help her take her very first big girl steps!

· Try to keep up as this interactive doll goes from sitting, to standing,

to walking with you; all by herself!

· This big girl also loves to play peek-a-boo!

· Fully interactive doll includes 60 phrases, sounds and songs

For ages 3+

Interactive Doll Makes Nurturing Fun for Your Little "Mommy"
This cheerful toddler comes dressed in a pair of brightly patterned pajamas. She has positionable arms, friendly eyes, and a hairdo that curls into ringlets at the ends. The doll comes with her own accessories, including a bottle, blanket, pacifier, and a puppy with rolling wheels and a leash for easy walking.

To get playtime started, power up the doll with 6 "AA"/LR6 alkaline batteries (not included) -- two in the back (underneath the pajamas) along with two in each foot. A small Phillips head screwdriver is required to open the battery doors.

Once the batteries are installed, simply flip the power switch on her back, which is located just above the battery door, and playtime can begin. The doll's special "magic-touch" hands respond to touch, so your child only needs to touch a finger to get the doll talking and giggling. A button on her tummy can also be pressed to get her started. She has a set of more than 60 randomized songs, sounds, and phrases that include "Bottle, mama?" "Tickle me!" and "Let's play peek-a-boo!"

She Walks, Talks, Giggles, and Plays
The Walk & Giggle doll can stand up and walk all by herself. When placed in a sitting position on a flat surface, this doll can get herself to a standing position, then begin walking. If she falls down, she can get up on her own. If she is lying flat and facing down, the doll will automatically get up without assistance -- if she is lying flat and facing up, she cannot get up and will ask for help by saying, "Help me up, mama!"

The Walk & Giggle doll keeps her "mommy" busy. Tickle her and she wiggles and giggles. When she requests her bottle, it's time to give her a sip from her favorite bottle with its dancing teddy bear design. She also keeps on-the-go by walking her colorful pooch, who is equipped with wheels and a leash for an easy stroll. When she asks to play Peek-a-Boo, place her hands in the corner pockets of the included blanket, then touch both hands simultaneously -- she will know it's Peek-a-Boo time and bring the blanket up to her eyes.

Pretend-and-Play Design Helps Teach Language and Social Skills
The interactive design of the Walk & Giggle doll not only entertains children, it also helps develop their language and social skills. The doll's repertoire of phrases help children to practice speech while at play, so the experience is both entertaining and educational. And the practice of helping the doll -- from feeding her to lending a hand when she falls down -- encourages nurturing behavior in a child, helping lead to generosity and friendliness in social environments such as classrooms and play groups.

The doll's realistic sounds and random, interactive phrases make an excellent stimulation for role-playing. However, children may have some difficulty at first understanding some of the doll's phrases. But once you and your child become accustomed to her speech patterns, recognition should not be a problem.


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