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Casio LK-90TV 61-Key Lighted Keyboard with Karaoke Function w/ Stand

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Product Features;

•TV Connection for lesson display and Karaoke
•32-note polyphonic
•General MIDI
•264 tones
•120 Rhythm patterns
•CASIO Chord/Fingered Chord auto-accompaniment systems
•100 Song Bank Tunes
•3-Step Advanced Lesson System
•Voice Fingering Guide
•Interactive Scoring with Voice/display
•Practice Phrase Switch
•Musical Information System
•Transpose and Tuning control
•Assignable pedal jack (Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto, Rhythm Start/Stop)
•Sing-Along Function
•USB Connection to PC to transfer data

Product Description

At A Glance The LK-90TV can be connected to the TV set with a video cable. The valuations of the learning system appear directly on screen - and the song texts of the sing-along function run in real time on the focusing screen: for your own Karaoke party! Other hits of the LK-90TV include a USB interface, HL dual-element sound chip, general MIDI, 264 timbres - and so much more. Introduction Common knowledge says that if you don't practice diligently and master technique, you cannot play a musical instrument. But, Casio thought that it would be fun if musical instruments could be played by anyone. Casio's key lighting learning keyboards feature a useful lesson system that lets you learn as you play! The key lighting and learning series of keyboards have 61-key full-size illuminated keyboards. The keys light up as you play, or can be used to guide you through the melody of a pre-programmed song.


RM900 (negotiable)


My kids got this for Xmas and its very cool. Comes with 100 songs and you can download more with your computer and pipe them over via USB or on a Smart Media card. The keys light up on the programmed songs to help you along and an LCD display tells your tempo and what fingers you should be using on which keys.

If you have kids that play piano, its very nice that they can now practice somewhere and be quiet or use headphones.

It's a little intimidating with all its buttons and features, but otherwise a very nice piece of equipment. Comes with a power adapter and microphone. Consider getting a keyboard stand and bench so you can put it wherever you want since it is portable (compared to a piano). In its most basic form, you just plug in the power, turn it on and start playing.

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